Need help in resubmitting the NextJS Template

Hi there, We just uploaded a template in themeforest and go rejected and it showed no reason except “it doesn’t meet the standard”. If we can get any help from the template authors from here for a review or anything else that can be done, it would great and helpful for us.

You can share the demo link here to get feedback but no one can guarantee approval

sure, here is the link:
The thing is we are not able to figure out - what we are doing wrong or missing.

You have issue on mobile - it loads broken and sorts it self out as you scroll but this initial bug needs fixing

The biggest problem is that there are thousands of free and premium templates out there that offer something very similar esp in envato’s marketplaces.

You need to consider how and where to add significant premium value that sets it apart eg multiple gallery layouts, different post types, light and dark designs, customer login/gallery, etc.

Thank you for the reply @charlie4282 , also i want to ask you a question over here, will it be possible to reupload the template after rejection and adding the things you mentioned over here?

You’d need to make significant change to the point it’s almost like a new item.

Making small design and optimisation changes won’t be enough

ok, thank you so much for the immediate response @charlie4282