Need for Racially Diverse Images

I am having a difficult time finding a wide variety of images that depict people other than white men and women. The choices for images depicting other races and ethnicities is extremely narrow. How does Envato intend to address the lack of diversity in the available images? As of now, I’m having to source images from other resources, which is a waste of resources.

Hi @GPT_Matt. Thanks for calling this out - I can definitely empathise with you on this one.

Currently, we publish author-facing content on several channels (email, Author Hub, dashboards etc) that’s designed to help authors identify content areas that have high demand, and relatively low supply on Elements. Improving the diversity of our photo and stock footage library is a high priority for this: we know that we need to significantly improve the range of content in areas like ethnicity, body types and ages.

We’re continuing to emphasise this in our content briefings: showing what we mean when we ask for more diverse content, and demonstrating the kind of un-met customer demand that we see for these subject areas.

There’s still a lot of work needed to improve this, but it’s something we are factoring into all of our author guidelines at the moment.