Inclusive/diversity in graphics?

Hey there! First time posting and I’m still trying to figure out how to write this. Basically, I’m working with a client and while designing some informational graphics for them I thought it would be a fun idea to put in a teacher graphic (they’re in the education sector) - here’s the problem though, I can’t seem to find much (if at all) diversity in the graphics. This client is in a multicultural area and I wanted to be as inclusive as possible, however, the only options I seem to have are “white teacher with (sometimes) diverse class.” I’m not one to try to stir the pot or make a disturbance but am I just not typing in the right words to find cultural diversity in these graphics? Thank you in advance

When you didn’t find what you want the answer is custom graphics.

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hi are u sticking to elements or to GR? or did u visit both? as u may know from one platform to the other u do not necessarily have the same authors and / or items … otherwise, as u can still try to ask someone for freelancing , either through Envato studio or any other way …