Help me About Resource!!!


Hi everyone!
I’m creating new print template first time for GR ,Then
Can I use purchased Item for example Texture BGs, flare light and particle explosion for making Flyer ?
Or Should I made this items?
Help me !


You need to make it yourself or obtain the proper license to include anything in your work. In the case of Envato, that means you need to buy an extended license and get permission from the author.


Okey, Thank you for reply!
How to feed for reviewers get item permission from the author ?


u are right, no doubt, now as to know if it really makes sense, that’s a different story … let’s face it, this type of thing is slowing down the sale of assets and ad-ons as buying extended licences is just unaffordable for most of guys and purchasing is only useful if u use for a freelance project, in other words, the purchasing base is limited …


what u said is also true about flares? wow if so, this is really not worth the drive buying anything to have a use for the marketplace …