Need feedback for my first approved item :)

Hi guys,

this is my first approved item
[Mod: Link removed - Self promotion]

i think i need some feedbacks to improve this item.
any suggestion for this one?

thank you

hi buddy, here we are , u know what i think about your item now, i have posted a feedback, u should better make the most of the feedbacks that u get thanks to this one lol as i am suspecting that u 'll have your thread closed shortly or that u have your link removed, as they will probably consider that this is self promotion indeed …

Hi there,
Thank you for your feedback :smile:
This is my first time in envato forum, but really i just want to get feedback to improve this item,
If i create this thread in wrong forum
Please kindly need your advise to get feedback for this item :smile:

Thank you

i get it don’t worry, but what i meant by that is that most of the time, this sort of thing is considered as self promotion as long as the item has been approved since u give some extra exposure to your work indeed. Now, as for me, i am not really sure that it has any impact whatsoever on sales and i tend to believe that this is good for the other authors to get to know u a bit , which is fine and somehow some way what we are all looking for with the forum, as getting to know the other people, apart from discussing some professional subjects, is definitely one of the purposes of interacting here. I just wanted to let you know about it , now if this thread is not closed or the link removed, try to make the most of it lol :wink:

Wow, thank you for your information. i really appreciate it :smile:
and yes i agree with you to get know other people and interact each other.
and i will try my best to make the most of it :wink:


Hi, l do agree with Nico, on this one, if you want to show us your accepted work, then it is best to put a portfolio link in your description box, so that when we click on your avatar logo it shows up.

Just click on Preferences and cut the paste the link.

But, nice job, for your first one, most newbies screw up the shadows, but yours are spot on, well done!


@tmcom Hi there, well thank you very much for your feedback also with your suggestion, i will make it sure to do it for my next items.
thank you

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what do u mean with “on this one”, Shane? lol u mean i usually talk nonsense or something ? lol hahahah kidding lol


Baaaaaa, haaaaaaa!


PS l was going to embed a suitable cat image, but can’t figure it out, sniff!