Need Feedback about Insta Stories

Hello Authors,

I have tried this instagram stories template for videohive…
Pls tell your feedback
Thank You.

Hi mate.
I like them, nice and smooth motion. About the matter of approval or rejection, I guess it all depends on how much oversaturated is Videohive with Instagram stories, but the rest I like it, anyway I am not an Instagram stories specialist :blush:
Good Luck!

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it will be good if the animations are matching the music.

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Thank you @GoForMotion …i always welcome you for feedback…i accept that there are many insta stories out there…the thing is i should become a good author at providing quality products…if it happen approval automatically happen…am i right…i pretty happy to hear all your(authors) feedback…

Thanks a lot to all authors…:innocent::grinning::heart_eyes:

Thanks @MbrEffects:innocent::grin

I agree about what you´re saying, but I remember an item of mine that was rejected and I received the comment from reviewer saying that it wasn´t a quality issue, that was ok for Videohive, but they had too many of those kind of projects already, just to give you an example. Anyway, let´s keep fingers crossed for your Instagram stories to get an approval.
Good Luck! :+1:

Update: I just saw that your Insta stories project was approved. I was late with my previous text lines haha!! I´m glad you had the approval of your item. So let´s cross fingers for upcoming sales now :wink::+1:

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Ohh okk…Thanks …:grin: