Naming the Layers?

Hi, do you think it might be a reason for rejections, that naming the layers of PSD with all letters in lower case?

Which one is true?

“double click to change image”

“Double Click To Change Image”

“Double Click to Change Image”

No, that won’t matter. If there is a specific technical problem, they will soft reject the item and tell you in the email what you need to fix.

It doesn’t matter.

The only thing that may influence rejections is not putting any kind of name on the layers at all. The reason for this is that if someone with no experience in Photoshop buys your package, and they don’t know how to really use it, then not naming your layers will really be a problem for them.

But even in that case, I guess they will soft reject your item and they will ask you to add a name to the layers before uploading.

Good luck in the future!