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HTML format for a beauty description
Good Morning, Idk how to do a correct and beauty description using HTML mode
I ask you all here, if there is some tutorials, or standard rules that i can learn…

First you need to upload your images
Then you need to use HTML code into your item description

<img src="yourimage.jpg" width="950px" height="300px">

Replace yourimage.jpg with the image URL from imgbb site. Also you need change the image size.

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Pot sa scriu pe Romana te rog…am intrat pe profilul tau si in afara faptului ca este numai grafica woow, am vazut si steagul romaniei la insigne.
Eu am scris pe forum, ca am vazut tot asa la cineva (—aici—[link removed)), si nu intelegeam cum o scris asa ordonat,
dar aici este vorba de programare, cred ca nu am ce sa caut momentan sa invat, ca de abia primesc cate un Approve, sunt la inceput…

Ti-am dat mesaj privat

I am not sure I understood what she was looking for indeed , this is for the profile page that she asked, right ? because there is no need for such code in the submission process otherwise …

Yes for the profile page and customized items descriptions

Hello, i mean on the bottom of the preview image, there is the description, and now with HTML i make that description look better
[link removed] -------- here i use HTML
[link removed] -------- here i do not use HTML and looks so baad
But someone explain to me yesterday how to do this, and i find a website too…that convert automatic a word document in HTML

oh ok :slight_smile: u can trust Designsomething he is a very talented person and a celebrated author :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you very much to all !

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