my wp got malware

Hi. i purchased a wp on envato. The site got malware and when i contact my hosting company. They said its the wordpress problem. My envato support has expired . Anyone here can teach me what I have to do ? if i clean the server and do a clean install of the wp. will the malware come back since the code is week ? thanks

You need to find the problem ( the source ) to fix the issue. Re-installing the WP may solve the problem for a while but there’s no guarantee if there’s a backdoor on the server. You may get “hacked” the next day.

thanks for your reply. but to fix the problem is envato fix it for me. or i need to fix it myself ? because i am have no clue how to fix it. if i need to fix it myself . I think which means i need to stop using WP. thanks ki

Free support is not covered to fix the malware issues but if you’re looking for paid support, I can help. You can just drop me an email via this form and we can discuss the details

Some references if you’d request: