My PHP Script got hard-rejected

Hi Guys,

I got hard rejection in an item today. Can you please help me understanding why I am getting hard rejection?

Front End:

Admin Panel:

Customer Account:
Password: 12345678

Thank you in advance.

The people who are reviewing are cheap contract labour not qualified enough. Envato is sinking. Further in soft rejects they forward old files to reviewer and when they don’t find correct files, they reject.

This design approach has been performed many times with WooCommerce/Magento/OpenCart themes and it’s outdated already.

You won’t be able to get approval with this project unless you create for a unique front-end ( Haven’t checked the back-end ) but considering that keeping the script updated would be an issue ( when there’re lots of alternatives ) I don’t think you’d get approval this project as PHP script.

thanks for replying, I can try to change the frontend completely.

It may still not help you as the alternates are WooCommerce/Magento/OpenCart

Ok, thanks for feedback