PHP Ecommerce scripts rejected 3rd times. Please give advise me.

Hello ,

My Ecommerce php scripts hard rejected, Buy why ? I can’t understand. Please overview my website
and give me suggestions.

My website url :

Admin Panel :
username: admin
password: admin
Seller Panel :
username: seller123
password: 123456
User Panel :
username: user123
password: 123456

Please review my site and help me to approve my php script.

What’s the reason they provided?

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no reason they provide me. I can’t understand where should i change/improve .

Beside the design, I don’t think it’d be better idea to start a E-commerce project based on PHP considering that there’re lots of powerful systems such as WooCommerce/Magento on the web, users could find easily extensions/plugins. Within your system, everything has to be managed manually and I don’t think anyone would prefer it now. If you could have posted this like, 10 years ago, you may have had a chance but now it doesn’t seem possible.

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Maybe :sleepy:

I need more feedback. Please give me feedback. Anyone there ?

It work well but you need to improve content and product description with call of action

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