My ListingPro has faults, cannot do 'Features' for Listings, cannot add new Towns

I am back on my ListingPro Theme, trying to get it right, after being involved in a nasty car accident.

Crushed right hand and all fingers broken)

**No.1 - FEATURES Fault **: Since day one, I have never been able to get the ‘Features’ part of uploading the Listings to work. I do everything correct. I have assigned features to specific Categories. When testing with dummy listings, I get the little check-boxes pertaining to a particular Category, put checkmarks in selected features, then click ‘Update’, then see if it worked on website - nothing displays. I go back into my dashboard, click back on particular Listing, click on ‘Edit’ and there I still see the little check-boxes, empty with no checkmarks! This has not worked since day for 2 years now.

**No.2 - FAQ’s Fault ** Same problem as the ‘Features Fault’, I test by doing 2 or 3 FAQ’s questions and answers, click Update, check on incognito p.c., and my own, nothing displays!

**No.3 - LOCATION Fault ** New serious issue now, I tried to add a new Town, the Town Name is typed in okay, the slug part is done okay, then when I try to type a particular City in the field for PARENT LOCATION, it just brings up the list of existing Towns I already have. What is very annoying is that when I place my cursor in the field to begin to type, it just leaves me with ‘NONE’ in the field where one is supposed to be able to type in a Parent Location. Very stubbornly maintains that ‘NONE’ in that field, basically not giving me permission to add a Parent Location.

Please let me know what to do as I feel I have been sold a faulty Theme. I have been in discussion with your help desk, (Dealt with Sophie, very helpful but still received no solution) about FEATURES NOT WORKING, but that was just before my accident. (Hospitalised for 6 months) Now O have FEATURES NOT WORKING, FAQ’s NOT WORKING, AND PARENT LOCATION NOT WORKING. (By the way I do work entirely on Child Theme.)



Not much things to offer and you’re not eligible to request refund after that many years, what you can try is try the latest version of the item and give another try - if you can’t fix it, you may need to hire a freelancer for you or by renewing the support, you can request some from the author.

Or find another item and start from the beginning…