My item is soft rejected, i need some advice

Hello everybody,

my new item just got soft rejected, i don’t have a lot of issues to fix, but one is particularly annoying, it is spacing and alignment. The reviewer did’nt provide any example screenshot so i will go through the hole template. Can you please help me spot alignment and spacing problems ? it would be very valuable from you guys ! Thank you

Here is the demo link : Soft rejected template

I think that it’s about the distance between the buttons, it is a little too close in some places. On other themes I noticed that the buttons are more separated. Not everywhere! It’s about the “Jumpstart your Projects”, “Well Documented” and “Made With” sections.

Generally good work.

Thenks you for your advice, i guess that only stands for the landing page ?

I think so. I have looked at subpages and everything seems ok.

I can see another one:

  • There are no bottom spaces on the icons on the slider.
  • I think subheading is too close to headings.

What do you mean by slider icons? You mean the navigation dots ? For the subheadings you are right. Thanks for the feedback anyway !

Icons at the bottom of the slider (HTML5 etc.). It almost adheres to the border.

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ok sorry, so i need to make those icons a bit spaced then