I got soft reject

Hi dear,

I got soft reject from themeforest . I am not worried about my theme because everything is ok but I did not find where I error specially spacing and alignment … I checked my all devices every thing is ok …


Please help me where I error … i did not find …

Thank you .


There are multiple spacing issues on your item. Below I listed only few of them:

  1. Slider major issues. Top bottom spacing needs to be the same. Vertically center the texts inside the slider.

  2. Bad spacing here:

  3. The skill makes me confused. My suggestion is to but the label “Web design, PHP etc” above the progress bar and increase the space between each group of label/progress bar to make difference between each skill.

  4. Major spacing issues. Remove the bottom spacing. The right spacing is there by mistake or is a feature :smiley:

  5. Pay attention to all details. Spacing issues here. Make the space equal on all sides:

  6. Is just me or the icons are not horizontally / vertically aligned?

Note: Even if you believe your item perfect, there might me problems everywhere; and they are, in your case :slight_smile:

There were only few examples but there are more problems and issues.


you are very helpful person

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