My html theme hardly rejected

html theme hardly rejected please help me.

Submit your item demo link here people will help you with their feedback

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Its necessary that theme is uploaded on live website.

Currently i have only zip file please help me.

yes it is necessary.If you want to get feedback then you have to upload in live & post your demo link at here. Your item Zip file is not important at here.

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Okay thank you. how we select or create thumbnail for our theme?

You can post your item screenshots at here

01_preview1 02_preview2 03_preview3

Hi there:

Your design is too basic bad typography, need spacing, bad images, etc etc but you need practice more html for approved.


main rejection issue is Design Quality of your item.
Starting level design

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Thank you.

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I want to know that how we give licence to the buyers in my text file ?

Envato purchase code is the key of License. Purchase code is unique and will be provided by Envato for your Item. So, you don’t need to provide license code from your side but for managing license you can setup your own verification systems in your side. Thanks

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Just to clarify it won’t be reviewed by Envato without this if it’s meant to be a html template

Hii there is a option in uploading theme themeforest files included and watermark images. Its necessary include these files and how we include this files please suggest me.

You don’t - you can use LICENSED stock assets in the demo but the download version needs to only use placeholders
I am only trying my website look diffrent from localhost to live server.


I have see your item.Need to improve your item design quality. improve also typographic hierarchy,visual hierarchy, spacing & alignment line height etc.


I want to know why my css and bootstrape not show correctly.

What’s mistakes in this please check it.