"My Growth" Theme Template Header

Purchased this from ThemeKalia and began making edits to the “My Growth” template. However, after searching all widgets and associated files, I cannot find the HEADER in either installed or available widgets. I’m probably missing something small, but I’ve had no success in finding help or getting a response from the developer. Anyone have an idea? I appreciate your help!!

In the hope it will help someone else, I found the issue.

From the Wordpress Dashboard of your site, select the “Appearance” menu option and choose “Theme Options.”

Once there, you will see multiple settings on the page that will allow changing of header, footer and a host of other options. After you find this, it makes sense and is really easy. Unfortunately, these options are not located there on the Wordpress sites I edit and manage. I was making it far more complicated.

In fairness to me, however, it would have been nice if the developer or someone could have directed me to this very simply and quick solution. Oh well…