My first flyer aproved


In finally, after 15 or 20 rejected and a big recovery i’ve back to print design and with lot of work i was aproved, my first flyer was aproved, i’m very happy, love you all, thanx you all, thanx envato, graphicriver and all community members.
All to goods. Thanx for all help. sorry for my english
Flyer is here if you want to see him:


Congratulations mate :slight_smile: Good luck with the sales :slight_smile:


Congrats!) Goof luck for sales)


Congrats DPGraphic! The first of many :slight_smile:


Yes, congrats, @dpgraphic, risky flyer design, but as l learned through my first one, (text over ocean wave) a high risk design can sell quite well.

Just wait til you get your first sale, it puts icing on the cake.



Congrats! Good luck with sales. Now it’s time to make more flyers :wink: