My codecanyon item was rejected

My codecanyon item was rejected.
They found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.
But I do not agree. Why because my item is different from others.
For example UI/UX design. also, I added a complete section without any bugs…
also, my item was made using Flutter:- this means the user will be able to build for all platforms like Android, IOS, Web. etc. in future when this item will supported.

so my question is how to complain about this rejection or can I resubmit.

also, I got a soft rejection for 1st time due to only screenshot size.
after that, they tell me this is not different from others.
I do not found any items on this platform Build using Flutter.
This is my app documentation: please visit - GetProfile

for clarification, this item includes a fully support play store with logo design, etc.

i think they do not read the complete project:- only check who publish on codecanyon and where is he. I completely disagree with the quality check team of Envato.

Thank you