Flutter Project rejected on Codecanyon

Hello Everyone! I uploaded a flutter item on codecanyon and it got rejected for telling me bad UI then I totally changed and enhanced the UI of my project and re-uploaded it. after review now I got rejected with mentioning that your item ‘doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to’. Now please tell that Where will be problem means in my flutter project or Laravel andmin panel or Flutter project’s directory. please take a look on my app and Admin panel. app link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qpAy_cSqFd_RtsIuu4NxgM5XqUSNuEG0/view?usp=sharing

Admin Url: https://pkbhai.com/myprojects/flutter_news
userName: pkyadav4488@gmail.com pass: 12345678

I will wait for your kind help.Thank you