My cinematography reel 2017

Hello everyone!

Here is my cinematography reel 2017:

Hope you like it!

Best regards,


This is great!

Holy wow @djordjevla, that’s straight up beautiful.

How long have you been at it for?

Wow @djordjevla , This is very GREAT !!!
And music and video and all ))))

What camera was ?

Thank you good people! Well, I’m just finishing my camera studies at Faculty of Dramtic Arts in Belgrade. So, let’s say I’m active as a professional for four years. :slight_smile:

There are several cameras used in videos from my showreel: canon eos 5D MK III, RED EPIC/WEAPON, ALEXA SXT (+cook anamorphics)… I think that’s it :slight_smile:

It’s very professional!!!:star_struck:
You can already shoot very profitable comercials or some music clips.

Like it! Very nice frames and Color grading!

Excellent work!