Las Vegas - Night Strip Walk (thank you to AudioJungle authors)

Hi All,

Just wanted to share video I shot in Las Vegas beginning of January with Sony A7sII.

4 tracks from AudioJungle used in the production:

“Las Vegas Ident” by Fabrizio_Spagnuolo
"Going to Vegas’ by Tatamusic
"Pinky Hot Lady" by Dasuperior
"Las Vegas Jazz Night" by Star_Deluxe

Thank you to all authors!

This time It was a surprise for me how is easy to find the right music, I was just searching AudioJungle with simple “Las Vegas” keyword. :slight_smile:

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Should have rode the Duece, would have been quicker! Just kidding, nice stuff… that’s a bit of a walk when you’re not really stopping. Would have at least expected you to go to the Stratosphere though! Next time :wink:

Yep, but Stratosphere little bit too far, and not much interesting around it. :slight_smile:

You would have been knackered by then! Were you staying at the Venetian? I stayed at The Palazzo six years ago, pretty nice! Going in June and staying at the new Linq place. Looking forward to it, and I’ll be taking my Osmo that I’ve just ordered.

Was staying at Alexis Park resort during expensive CES time, last April stay at Bellagio was cheaper.

Osmo shall be more convenient, I love my Sony a7sii with ronin m but my hands were sick after this walk.

Very nice! That DJI Ronin-M seems very stable! Any pp stabilization? Not “unbelievably compact” as they say in the marketing though… How do you find working with it?

Also, what ISO were you using on the A7s II for a night shoot like this?

Yes, slight (2-3%) stabilization in after effects added. In general dji ronin m is easy to use, I bought it just before this trip to LV and it works as advertised.

I don’t remember exactly but most probably iso 6400 with F5 aperture of Canon 16-35 F4 Lens. Shot with slog3 to get most DR.

Cool! This type of smooth walking timelapse is almost impossible with a traditional stabilizer. Have you tried any smaller, more portable motorized ones for GoPros?

Wowww amazing video!I really love the non stop recording concept, and it’s really stable and crystal clear! :smile:

Flumen, thank you! Never tried gopros, I prefer bigger cameras. :slightly_smiling:

FASSounds, thank you! :smile:

Yeah me too, as I do mostly photography. But it would be nice to have a small portable setup that fits in a backpack (already have a GoPro) to use just those times I want to get those flying/walking shots.

Sure, there are some small gimbals for GoPro like this one

i love your video… how much did you pay the girl for the photography?

Unfortunately since my walk was not planned much and my hands were holding the gimbal all the way I been able to pay by thanks and by this video only. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Great video and nice use of music!

Thank you!