Must I Withdraw money via Payoneer monthly ?

Hi, several months ago, it seems themeforest change the rule of withdraw money. I used to withdraw money when the earning reach a certain amount. But now, themeforest helps me withdraw the money automatically every month via Payoneer.

Is there a way to withdraw money when it reaches a certain amount, I hope to save the withdrawing fee.


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Minimum ammount to payout via payoneer is 50$. After you reach this ammount all money will be payout atomatically to payoneer on 15 next month.

for example If you earn 49$ in one month you money will not be payout, you will need to wait one more month to get minimum 50$ and when this happen your money will be payout to you on 15 next month

No other options.

Thanks for your reply.:grinning:

I think you can disable auto payment - not sure though

Hello @YouForest

No there is not any option for withdraw money during month.

It automatic withdraw on last date of month. you earning must < $50 for successful withdrawal

you can change payout destination here:

Thanks :slight_smile: