music for intro (max 30 sec)

Hi, I need a music for a documentary intro title, like this but quite different… also more simple or serious… anyone can help me to find the right track? I spent hours in finding one… Thanks!

Hi, I have something like this:

Hi, Flamjungle! Please, listen these logo from my collection:

I recommend “Good & Evil” from my portfolio (sorry, I can’t post links). If that doesn’t work, try “A New Day”. If you need them edited, let me know! Thanks!

The intro of this track could work (listen up to 23 seconds) if you were interested and purchased the track, I could loop that part for you to fade at your discretion.

Hi, Flamjungle. Maybe:

I can edit any for you.

Try this one - Epic Announcement

Thanks, I did not think you were so helpful, audiojungle has a great community!
Well, I need a track very similar to “crescendo” that I posted… the intro is a panoramic view, I need something building up (title) but also relaxing, light…
Congratulations for your works :slight_smile:

Flamjungle, I think these tracks in specific are great for a panoramic scene:

If you need me to edit them, let me know! Good luck!

Hi Flamjungle!

Try “THIS ONE”: but I didn`t upload it on AJ yet!



please check these tracks out:

Warm Ambience

A Glorious Day

New Horizons

Good luck :slight_smile:

Just to add one more track, this one is more easy and almost relaxing:

Ambient Soundscape Loop

Hello! please check these links :slight_smile:

if you dont find what you need contact me, and i will make you custom music.


Hi Flamjungle,

I actually have a piece that would be perfect for you. Its currently being uploaded to Audiojungle so will be available in a few days. I can email you the preview if you want.


Try this one: