Multiple Withdrawals To Partners


I have a question about withdrawal.

We are working with multiple freelancers in different countries and we want to send their money directly from envato withdrawal system.

I mean is it possible to add multiple withdrawal requests in Withdrawal page for each one of our freelancers with different payment methods?

for example i want to request a PAYPAL withdrawal for one of our freelancer with $600 , and another request with SWIFT for another freelancer with $1000 , and so on…

Is it possible to have multiple withdrawal request to multiple accounts with different withdrawal methods ?

I’m talking about multiple withdrawals to our partners from different countries.

Thanks for time and attention.

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i think there is no such a facility yet now

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But in withdrawal page i can add multiple withdrawal with different accounts. If it is not available why envato enabled this feature in this page. if it is not allowed so a warning should be shown in this window!!!

Am i right?

I think it’s working. You can request different amount of the payment but via the same method ( e.g only PayPal )

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Did you use this system before ?

And if we want to send money to different SWIFT accounts (with different owner) we have to send any documentations to envato about owner of each account ?

the best way to get answer for your question is to contact the support
they will celar all your questions and also plz let us know this thread what is their answer

As far I know you can add different methods to one withdrawl last time when some one asked they are replied its not possible yet. But now a days I don’t know how these things are working. But if they implement this feature I will be happy

I was using it before ( like 3-4 years ago )to transfer the payments for my partners, it’s still working I suppose.