General Withdraw Question - Why it's not available?

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Why i can’t make withdraw at any time i want, rather than having to process withdraw at end of each month? This beside a question of why also the withdraw is received at the middle of next month?

I want to know is this impossible to make withdraw at anytime? And why?

It may be a very old question, but i don’t know the reply.

I’m not 100% sure why, but I guess it makes accounting easier and allows time for any refunds and what have you to be processed. And I’m guessing it’s cheaper for Envato if they do a batch of transfers all in one go, rather than having to end $10 here, $100 there. That’s probably why if we withdraw $100 then we get $100 into our Paypal… if they were to allow withdrawals all the time then they’d probably have to charge for the processing fee.

I’ve not found a video stock marketplace yet that does it differently.


I have a question about withdrawal.

We are working with multiple freelancers in different countries and we want to send their money directly from envato withdrawal system.

I mean is it possible to add multiple withdrawal requests in Withdrawal page for each one of our freelancers with different payment methods?

for example i want to request a PAYPAL withdrawal for one of our freelancer with $600 , and another request with SWIFT for another freelancer with $1000 , and so on…

Is it possible to have multiple withdrawal request to multiple accounts with different withdrawal methods ?

I’m talking about multiple withdrawals to our partners from different countries.

Thanks for time and attention.

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