Multiple accounts on Envato

I’m thinking of starting a third AJ account and was wondering about the rules…

I found this buried in the tax help section -

‘If an Author has multiple accounts on Envato Market, we can link your completed W-8 or W-9 to all these accounts. Please contact…’

Can anyone confirm that more than 2 accounts are permitted.

It’s all a bit grey…


Yep, it’s no problem. I have three.

Thanks for the help SSF!

Hi @SpaceStockFootage. To piggyback on an old thread…Did you have to provide a unique email address for each account you created? I started to create a second account and tried to use my current email address but the sign-in process said its taken already. I understand having a unique ID name, but I had hoped to use the same email address. What have you learned from the sign-in process? Thanks!

These accounts will be related to each account’s earning level, items…so Envato treats this separately.
A unique email for each is required and if even Envato allow this, believe me, you will need to use different emails for each so you can track each account (item, buyers, earning, notification, etc…).

Thanks Michael. Points taken. I now have added a non-exclusive account. It will be interesting to see how multiple accounts will work for me.