Multiole office assets inventory management system

I am loocking Multiole office assets inventory management system
with the following features

  1. Grant administrative privileges to management staff with varying access levels based on jurisdiction.
  2. Track the movement of items from one location to another and provide information on their current location.
  3. Record the condition of items.
  4. Include details about the cost, maintenance cost, and duration of each item.
  5. Identify the person in charge of each item.
  6. State the current usage status of each item.
  7. Monitor the expiration status of items.
  8. Assign a unique code and QR code to each item for easy identification.
  9. Capture and store photos and videos of each item.
  10. Maintain files containing information such as receipts, manuals, authorization letters, MOUs, etc., related to each item.
  11. Specify the durability and nature (perishable/consumable) of each item.
  12. Allow users to search for items based on their location on a map.
  13. Generate reports on various aspects of the items.
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Looks like a custom work, you won’t be able to find “out-of-box” solution by purchasing the item as template.

Hi @enochterfa

I have gone through the above details and we can help you design and develop the inventory management system based on your requirements. Let’s connect further to discuss the details.