MP3 Player that works with S2 Amazon

We are looking for a player to be developent something like this look but for WordPress we are using this plugin now s3bubble-amazon-s3-audio streaming and we love it and we love how it works well with the Amazon S2 Cloud. But we need to have a player that has the following options.

  1. During upload we need player to read / analyze file properties to determine and display the BPM / Artist Name / Title of Song / Genre / and year it came out. We also need a way to search all folders in our S2 Amazon account. We have over 60 gigs of music in a wide range of folders. We know this is a big price design. We are looking to see if it’s possible using wordpress and amazon storage. Please contact the owner of the site for questions and a price. You can also view our site to get a better feel of what we offer.

Owner: Pete Down