Motor theme - mobile version - booking engine help

Hi all,

I have a rent a car, and I got your motors theme on my webiste, all is working fine but in the MOBILE version, in the default language ( I have translate press plug in ) , the booking engine doens’t let me choose the pick up office - only in the default languange - if you go to the menu and change languanges is working instead

thanks in andvance if you can help - the websiteis


Please contact your purchased theme author, theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Apologise if it wasn’t the right place for the post, but when I try to make a ticket in stylemix support
they give an error on mi licence ,

License Activation is Required

Please enter your purchase code to activate premium support for this item.

  • This purchase code has already been used.

I just downloaded the theme 2 months ago, never use the support, and on envato market my suppost status is still valid for 5 months, what should i do ?

Please post a comment in the theme Comments page and let the author know that you are facing issues to open support request in their support systems. Hope author @StylemixThemes will assist you.