Moderators: Australia HELP

Good day to all.
Moderators: If possible, publish account numbers of relief funds for victims of fires in Australia.
We will provide all possible assistance.

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I appreciate your thought but it will getting breaking rules of Envato Forum.
I’m tagging a Envato Team Member they will reply to you best answer @KingDog @BenLeong could you please give reply right here!
Community Guideline

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Thanks for your kindness. It’s true we had to make the forum a donation free zone since it was getting abused in the past. But you’ll be happy to know that we’re doing a lot of different things in the office and remotely to help support the fire fighting as well as the animals.


Can I post a short YouTube video to help Australia?

You can certainly post a video :grin: You just can’t use the forums to ask for donations.


Thanks to all.
I found the necessary information on aid funds.
Funds transferred.
Let this video be a small contribution from Australia.


You’re awesome! We were talking about this today, and I hadn’t even seen this post when I started the conversation!

This topic has been heavily debated and will be debated in the future as well! Until then, awareness is the most powerful tool available, Making these things of public awareness will help others search the for the appropriate channels to help!


I’ve just updated our community guidelines to allow sharing fundraising information for natural disasters. We’ll review this over the next few months to make sure it isn’t being abused, but it makes sense to be able to share details on these sorts of events.

I’ve also posted a list of bushfire relief organisations that our staff are currently supporting - you can find it here:


When I saw a photos from space, I was just shocked by what was happening. It is like hell on Earth!

For those who want to help and learn more about help (in connection with this terrible disaster), follow the link above that @BenLeong indicated! :arrow_up:

That’s just terrible…
I have many friends in Melbourne, so I learn the news every day from the first sources.
Fires in Australia often occur, but our generation does not remember such a scale …
Guys, fortitude and endurance to you.
People should know that they are not left alone with their misfortune. Millions of people sympathize and help Australians.


Those photos are obviously very fake!

Terrible what’s happening there (my old home), but please don’t spread fake images!

I wrote about what I saw in the news. Whether this photos is real or not is not a question for me.

And please stop blaming people here when such a disaster!
All the best!

That first image isn’t a photo - it’s a 3D model showing eight months of satellite hotspot data, with the scale of each point based on intensity and time. It shows the fire locations across that time, but not all those hotspots are currently burning. Unfortunately, a few people shared it on Instagram without the full details, and that version was the one that went viral. The original image and the artist’s full description can be seen here.

I believe the second one is an accurate satellite image of the smoke plume of SE Australia, though that smoke now extends all the way to South America.


Forest fires have been burning in the Australian states of New South Wales and Victoria since 2019. The fire element has already destroyed more than 6.5 million hectares of forest. About two thousand residential buildings and three thousand administrative and household buildings burned down. More than a billion representatives of the unique local fauna were killed. Perhaps most of these fires were triggered by arsonists. Famous actors, musicians, financiers and charitable foundations transfer funds to restore the fauna.

Ben, thank you very much for the detailed explanation of the photo and 3D.

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The Australian bush fires are dreadful, and the impact on wildlife is dreadful. Compare it with the fire in the Notre Dame which has raised £519m GBP (680$ USD), it makes you wonder where people’s priorities lie.

But, I won’t be donating. “Why?” I hear you scream. “It’s terrible, 28 people died and 2000 homes are destroyed.” I agree it’s awful, a tragedy.

But if you put it in perspective,
25,000 people die worldwide of starvation every day, that’s around 9 million people a year.
Around two thirds of those are children.

Australia is the 13th richest country in the world.

Because Australia is a developed nation and it’s people look and speak similarly to us, the news places far higher emphasis on disasters like that. People, quite understandably, respond with compassion. But there are other places in greater need without the financial capacity to sort out their own problems.

Hi @ivorphoto !

In fact, no one forces you to sacrifice anything. The author of this topic wrote about what he wants to take part in the donation.
If you follow the link that Ben provided, you will be taken to the topic.

It clearly states:

And further links to organizations that are engaged in the prevention and elimination of these consequences.
This matter is voluntary and at your discretion.
One more thing @ivorphoto : It seems to me that it is a little inappropriate and cynical to compare who in the world suffered more and who suffered less. A catastrophe, it is a catastrophe for all sane people. It doesn’t matter how many people have suffered.

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Hi, I am not being cynical. We all react to the horrible images that the news media shows us, and rightly so. This generates sympathy for the victims. I have no issue with that and I do not want to diminish the suffering of those whose lives have been torn apart by the bush fires.

I also believe that those who have suffered material loss will on the whole get compensated by their insurances, and if not, they should be supported by their (rich) nation and it’s government. If not, then the government is failing in its duty of care to Australian citizens.

It is entirely appropriate and realistic to compare the scale of the suffering. 9 million die every year from starvation as opposed to about 800 people who have perished in bush fires since the mid 1800s. Also, people should be aware that other countries’ abilities to deal with it themselves if far less than the ability of rich areas like America, Australia and Europe.

I know not everyone will agree, which is fine. I do think your comments that imply that I am not sane are offensive and against the rules of this forum.

Reread my message again to understand the meaning of what was said. Specifically about you, I did not say anything in a single line.

Guys, the general purpose of this is that the community always gets involved individually in donating for noble and verified causes.

All Envato does in this case is to point authors to verified sources for members who want to donate to be able to do so.

This is not about the ethical nature of rich folks donating or poor folks donating.

It’s all about raising awareness and sharing the correct channels for those who want to donate to be able to do so without the worry of their donations not reaching their intended goal.

As a moderator, I’m friends with tones of authors on Facebook and follow a lot of them on Twitter as well. I notice tones of them donating to different channels. The purpose of this is to offer a global thread, an awareness thread, for others who want to participate to do so!

It implies no obligation on the behalf of any member, it’s not an official Envato thread, it brings no perks to you as a buyer or author, it simply acknowledges the non-profit organizations that aim to help natural disaster victims, be they rich, poor, human or animal.

Makes sense?
Cheers guys! :slight_smile: