Fundraising information for the Australian Bushfires

Hi all!

We’ve received several requests from community members for information about crisis relief fundraising for the current Australian bushfires, as both the news and smoke have spread around the world.

Thank you for all your support and well wishes over the last few weeks. Many of you know that Envato HQ is based in Melbourne, Victoria - we’re about 300km west of the fires in East Gippsland, so things are very smoky here but we’re far from the worst fire fronts. We have remote staff working across the country though, including in several of the affected regions, and the scale and intensity of the current fire season is beyond anything we’ve experienced.

Envato is not leading a fundraising initiative ourselves, but both the company and our staff members are currently supporting the following organisations - I’m sharing them here as people have asked for advice on where to find fundraising information.

General support

  • Red Cross Australia. This is the primary charity our staff are donating to: the support they provide comes in many different forms and is not only immediate but ongoing, including emotional support, financial support, and getting volunteers and supplies in areas where they’re needed.

Fire-fighting organisations

Wildlife rescue groups

I’ll keep this post updated, as the list of organisations is likely to grow. In particular, the fire and wildlife organisations listed here only operate in the two states that currently have the largest fires (Victoria and New South Wales) - there are fires all over the country though, so these certainly aren’t the only organisations doing a lot of work in the fire grounds.


Please note: we’re currently trialling a new addition to our Community Guidelines, as there was previously a complete ban on fundraising activity due to spam on these forums in the past.

The new rule is included below - it’s intended to make it possible to share information about major natural disasters, where verified non-profit organisations are appealing for support.

Fundraising for Natural Disaster Relief
Due to community requests, we’ve decided to trial an exception to our usual rule against soliciting donations, in the event of major natural disasters. There are a few caveats to this:

  • This only applies to crisis relief for major natural disasters. For example, earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones and fires may suit this type of fundraising activity.
  • Please contact staff or moderators before posting about any fundraising activity on the Envato forums.
  • Fundraising organisations must be officially verified non-profits - for example, Red Cross.
  • We’ll consolidate all related requests into a single thread per event, which will contain details on how you can support the relevant organisations.

Our team will review this over the next few months to make sure it’s being used responsibly. We’re a global community, and we’re all only a few steps away from any major event around the world.