Moderator/Author Help - "Coupon Download" Author & Script

Hello Everyone.
Earlier this year i saw a script called “Coupon Download” on Codecanyon.

The problem is that when i was ready to purchase the script - i couldn’t find the script anymore. I think it has been archived.

How can i locate an archived script author? Does anyone know the publisher ? It was a php script.
Please help. Thank you.

Anybody here ?

If it’s been removed then the only chance you have is if Google has some link or image which may include the authors name.

Other than than envato don’t own items so there’s no archive of previous items.

It’s worth mentioning that “coupon download” does not sounds like an item title on its own. If you still have the original link then you could use that to help find the author or item.

Thanks my dear. it was titled “Coupon Download” I saw it last in January here. Had a login in panel where the admin could attach coupon codes to file or links. Less SEO. It was an old minimal script. Google image is providing no result.