MLM with auto uprade to next mebership level and unlimited downliner levels

I am looking for a plug in or software that would be used for Multi level Marketing website, ideally a wordpress plugin if not a stand alone software with integrated CMS supporting custorm currency as I am based in South Africa. these are features I am looking for:

  1. Support for auto membership level upgrade:
    A user after joining will have to refer a number of defined people to the system of which after doing so they will be advance/ activated into the system.
    For the following levels a user need to have refereed 6 members and his/her 6 referred members should have referred their 6 only once this is achieved the top member should then be advanced to the next membership level unlocking rewards for entering that level.
  2. Rewards management
    After a user has reached a certain level they get rewards I need to be able to manage rewards and also to track if they have claimed those rewards.
    3.product management;
    A user will join the network by buying a certain product, I need to be able to manage these product; buying this product will get user to which membership level ets
  3. Tree/ team/downliner views:
    Members need to see who refereed them and who they have referred thus far on to the system, an option to change upliner by admin in case a user needs to be on another team.
  4. Ticket management:
    users need to be able to send support tickets to their upliners( people who refereed them into the system) and be able to also help their down liners with their support requests
  5. User roles:
    need to have staff members and allocates system capabilities per members
    7.user management
    ability to suspend, delete and reinstate user logins on the system

There may be some plugins which could help start this on CodeCanyon but you won’t find tha level of specific functionality out of the box and it’s likely to require some substantial custom development.

If you have a realistic budget in mind (esp. if you want a software or app style item) then you can probably find someone to help on

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