Mixing virtual drums like real

Hi all! Do you mix drums(superior drummer,ezdrummer,addictive drums etc.) like real with your own plugins or do you prefer mix it “inside”? If yes how often do you use special processing like distortion, saturation, console emulations?

A bit of both really is the best bet. It’s handy to mix inside the instrument to fine-tune individual drums, but it’s also good to do some post processing using light EQ, compression, and sometimes, saturation.

Thanks!I always mixed inside,it’s fast, because i have my own presets, but now i think about more quality.So most of your tracks was mixed inside instrument?

Well I mainly mix inside to tweak instruments, but there’s usually room for a bit of EQ and compression for the whole drum track just to add that final touch. Mixing the drums only “inside” can be very CPU intensive (especially with the NI Abbey Road Drums), and often you won’t need many of the effects that are inbuilt. Mixing outside of the VST is good because you can quickly add effects to the whole drum track without wasting time and CPU power.

Using a combination of both the inbuilt tools and your own EQ / compression plugins is the smartest move in my opinion. It’s what I do with my tracks.

I usually mix inside steven slate and then comes the tweaking. But these days you dont even have to export drum stems . Thats the power of midi. :slight_smile:
And remember vst drums are real samples . :wink:

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