Missing style.css and no "Installable wordpress file only" option

I have tried installing the Startuply theme, however it fails with missing style.css.

Googling this it says the cause is because I need to select download the “Installable wordpress file only”, however there is no such option in my download options:

These are the only options available:

  1. All files & documentation
  2. License certificate &purchase code (PDF)
  3. License certificate & purchase code (text)

So I downloaded 3 - ZIP which contains:


I tried ftp uploading Startuply_HTML to the themes folder but that fails with the same error.

What next ???

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This is a HTML template not a WordPress theme so it will not install like WordPress.
You purchased HTML template file.


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@unlockdesign - Thanks, that would explain it.

Can anyone help here also? I am having the same problem except all my files are in a psd format. I converted all these to a zip file but I still get the same message error

If the files are PSD files then it won’t matter if you put them in a zip folder. The zip file needs to contain all the necessary php, css, js etc. to create a theme

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You need WordPress theme to install into your WordPress.

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