Migrating EMTheme 1.9 to Magento 2

We need to migrate the EMTheme Everything (Health) that we have been using in Magento 1.9 to Magento 2. Can we use the same theme from 1.9 or do we have to purchase a new one for 2? Is there and upgrade path?

Does this theme comes for 1.9 and also for Magento 2?

As I know a Magento 2 theme is totally different that a 1.9 one, in terms of files structure, so the 1.9 will not be compatible with Magento 2 (100%).

If this theme (EMTheme Everything - is it on TF? I can’t find it to take a look at), comes for Magento 2, then you should download it and use it on your Magento 2.

Good Luck

I believe this is the theme he’s talking about.

The theme supports 2.x so if you’re going to go for an update, you can just remove the first version and use the second one - no need to purchase another copy but the main issue would be here to upgrade it.
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Yes, that is the theme (health) was the base.

We had a programmer set it up that was fluent in Magento 1.

He did not know Magento 2 so we have someone else doing the migration but I do not have the original zip file as it came to us from the first programmer.

It has been a little time and we have just about a complete Magento 2 migration done, but have a few issues that we have not been able to overcome:

Magento 2 Speed needs to be seriously optimized. (currently running much slower than M 1.9 on the same server and using the same EMTheme.

With the EMTheme we have 3 issues:

Page Navigation issue (menu 1-2-3-4 - pages) disappears on page 2

Directory Page has holes (for products that are non-existent)


Best Sellers on Home Page do not update

This is the EMTheme Everything (Health)

We used the same theme in Magento 1.9 and did not have any Theme problems with it.