Looking For Magento theme for selling art. Would like auctions and fundraising included

I am a starting what will be an exhaustive search that will meet and beat the elements I need in my new ecommerce store. I am thinking Magento Responsive 2.2
I am still learning how this all works, but I am ready to get this done quickly.
I sell mostly art as prints, framed and other
I need to know that I am going to have SUPPORT with whatever I purchase. I hope to find a long term relationship.
I think I know enough to download and install with some assistance. I will have questions.
So far I have interest in Porto, Black&White, Ultimo, Market and Everything marked to check out. I am looking at others. Out of all of those, only 1 has responded to me.
What I am searching for out of this forum and community as customers, what direction would you send me?
Thank you in advance!

Before purchasing, make sure you’re on the same page for support. Support means, if you purchase the theme, to update the theme and provide guidance for general issues. Installation is not covered as well as modifications/customizations

On the other hand, installing the M2 is not easy in some cases and you may need server side knowledge. In case of any paid support, I have Installation service and/or customization service at Studio but if you’d like to work directly, I can offer up to 30% discount and we can make a deal monthly support.