Memorial Websites

I would like to set up a memorial website for my best friend who passed away a few weeks ago. I would like to have guestbook & photo album there too.

Anyone knows any templates in mind?


Hi kyc25,

I am very sorry to hear about your friend, please accept my condolences about your loss - I think setting up a website for him is a great gesture from you!

I believe you might find some nice themes in the Nonprofit WordPress category. And, as contradictory as it sounds, I think that some themes fom the Entertainment section can fit your needs.

I am not really sure if there are a lot of templates with a guestbook on ThemeForest though ( a hint for authors of such templates to update their tags :slight_smile: ).

Kind regards,


Sorry to hear about your friend…

You could use the comment function of a WordPress theme as your guestbook. I can only repeat what cmt mentioned.

I’m really sorry for your loss.

I think this would be a great way to remember your friend, a site like this was on my mind yesterday. I still have the doodle sitting on my desk so I’ll share what I was thinking about structure wise…

[ name ]
[ slider / single photo ] 
[ bio ]
[ gallery ] 
[ comments (guestbook entries) ]
[ comment form (comment form) ]

I would also check out the single-page portfolio layouts.

However, it seems like my skill is limited to HTML :frowning:
is it possible to make one with HTML templates?

Yes it is! There are free guestbook code snippets like you just need to register and then you can implement the guestbook into your site.

But I would recommend to use WordPress and a plugin like you don’t need programming knowledge to create a great looking site :wink: