Looking for a Wordpress Theme to celebrate the short life of loved one that passed away.

We wrote to Envato to ask the question and they responded:

We are unable to point you to a specific item as there are several themes that can meet the criteria and we do not wish to be pointing products from one author over the others.

We are Jennifer and Frank; however, Jennifer passed away and we want to use a Wordpress Theme to commemorate her short life that will display lifelong photos and videos with narrative, and enable friends and family to upload their photos, videos and comments. Please advise if you offer such a theme. We don’t care about Google SEO and we’ll display full size photos and videos for desktop/laptop computers and auto-size media for display on smart watches, phones and tablets.

Update 6-19-2020:
Thanks to all in the Forum that offered thoughtful suggestions for my project.
I decided to use the Twenty Seventeen Theme that is provided with Wordpress and yesterday I started www.jenniferandfrank.com. I’m hopeful people that knew my better half can visit the website and comment in the Blog with their own images or videos.


You can check these themes:

Also you can use the left sidebar search filter to find a better one.


Hello Frank,

As they say you will not find such template. But it can be made for you. You will need to buy hosting and domain.
My advice is to made list of users who can upload things on site because if you allow to everyone you can have everything on your site from s e x to fake pharmacy.

Hello Frank!

I’m so sorry for your loss! Sad times we’re living in…

You can combine a funeral theme with a front-end publishing plugin (so that users will be able to submit photos/videos/posts) like this one: https://codecanyon.net/item/frontend-publishing-pro/8517990?sso=1

Or you can find a good developer who will help you with the website here: https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization

I really appreciate your intention to celebrate the life of someone, you really have a good heart!

I wish you all the best, Frank!

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