Megamenu with vertical dropdown/flyout menu

am trying to create a megamenu for our website at We publish 61 newsletter and service 110 communities in our city. This means… a LOT OF ITEMS…which need to be organized as cleanly as possible.

I am not sure if i know how to describe what i want … but here we go:

I need to create a nav menu, that lists the main categories on top, with a vertical dropdown menu, which can list all of its sub item lists with in a large container as a flyout option…

Here is list a of examples that combine both elements. (under the products tab) (golf equiment/golf clubs)

They do exactly what i want…

Note that i dont want to have all of the newsletter items inside a big container box… but instead i want a vertical dropdown menu that has a flyout container box with the specific items for that category.

so even though and are great examples for megamenus, is NOT WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE… i REALLY DONT want a huge container where all the the category and subitems are mixed, but instead they are neatly organized and hidden, ready to be called out of the dropdown menu items.

Thanks in advanced Fred

I am currently using wordpress 3.7 to build the site, and did purchase a plug-in called ubermenu, , that does something similar to the starbucks and microsoft sites… but its not what i want,

Any help?

Have you been able to search for the menu?
Even i am searching on …if you find let me know

Look on codecanyon and search for. “Megamenu” or “vertical menu”

Alternatively (as there’s no guarantee of plugins working with individual themes) the best option would be to look on and hire a freelancer.