Marketplace for Ebay Templates


Envato should start a marketplace for Ebay shop templates. This will help a lot of Ebay sellers.


I agree very much


I guess there is not as much as demand for that, that a separate marketplace would make sense. May it would be enough to have separate categories for such templates like “ebay Templates”, “Facebook Templates”?


Auction AND store templates would be a great category on Themeforest!


There is definitely a demand, just google ebay templates ! I am looking here myself.


+1 :slight_smile:


You should check out for ebay template and design.




+1 :smiley:






+1 desperately


I agree, and Google lead me here (again) the first to get one on here is going to clean up!


+1 i found this system
themeforest should sell ebay templates working with rockscripts system.
here i found a video