Hard Rejected for eBay listing template - please reconsider earnings


can I know is it possible to public eBay listing template in ThemeForest?
Ebay templates is great market with many clients.

I have been tried submit some great ebay template item to eCommerce->miscellaneous category, and it was rejected without reason.

So my question is, why Envato Market Team do it?
Why you don’t want earn money and have satisfied clients?
The same item is the most popular allegro template in Poland - go to templates category “Szablony(in polish)” and sort by popularities.
Allegro.pl is polish eBay equivalent.

All my clients are very satisfied, which many non-standard comments are evidence.

So please Envato Market Team reconsider my item again. Maby it will be needed some more experienced gay for this (maby director or ThemeForest founder), because for many workers what is different mean is to reject. This is a safe action for reviewer. But not good for company grow.

Be supportive

There’s currently no category for these on Themeforest.

I do not know why this is but sure there is a good reason. Your best option is to email envato help and I am sure they can explain the situation.

Thanks Charlie for answer - it is better than i thought before.
It is true, thad my item (eBay listing template) it is quite different that those on eCommerce->miscellaneous, but I think that it is quite good temporary category for such items, until envato will see the grow of ebay templates items count and create special category.

By rejecting such items you can’t give any chance to discover new posibilites to envato marketplace. Unless envato are going introduce such category.

For me is no problem, I can start selling my item directly via eBay - i have yet expierence from allegro.pl

But I count on cooperation with envato…