Manual or Documentation for customization template Metro-Blocks - Multipurpose Drupal Theme

Hello, buy the template template Metro-Blocks - Multipurpose Drupal Theme, but the documentation included is very small, it indicates in a general way how to install the template along with Drupal from 0 or install the template in Drupal already existing, it also indicates how to integrate the content Demo , So far so good.

Having installed all the necessary Modules and what is required by the template, the site looks as it is on the ThemeForest page, but when wanting to personalize the content simply and replace it with Titles / Texts, some things change easily, others do not, specifically some sections that you have Icons at the moment that I modify it by editing the text I make the change and the icons disappear.

That is why I request guidance to perform the management correctly without losing the icons, even the idea is that I can change the icons for the corresponding ones.

I already requested support on the page, the first days if I answered, but I already have several days that I write and I do not get any response / comment, I’m not asking them to do it, just tell me what happened, 1, 2, 3… to manage the site correctly.