Magic Retouch Pro 3.2

Hi, I bought Magic Retouch Pro 3.2 to work with Photoshop CS5 Extended and have used it with no problem for 5 years and love the program so I want it back. I had a hard drive crash and had to replace my hard drive and when installing the same software the only program that would not install is Magic Retouch Pro 3.2? Photoshop Extension manager CS5.5 says “Does not contain valid signature” which never came up when I installed it in the past. Does the signature expire? Please help? Thank you.

The description says:

This product will only work with Photoshop CC English version only.

May have worked before, but it’s on version 4.2 now. Still, speak to the author, hopefully they can help…

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I know they are up to 4.2 now for Photoshop CC. I’m not upgrading Photoshop CS5 to CC so I cant get the new ver you have to remember I paid for Retouch 3.2 to work with Photoshop CS5 and it should still work right?

I’ve no idea! Speak to the author… there’s nothing anyone else can do to resolve the issue unfortunately.