What Photoshop version are you currently using?

I’m curious, since CC is now 2015.5, what majority of designers here in Envato are currently using.

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Actually using that one, CC 2015.5.

I’m using CC 2015.0.1 or CS6 13.0.1 because i have to test my animations without any bugs before sell. I thinks these are the best Photoshop versions. :slight_smile:

I’m using Photoshop CS6

As A Photoshop Action Maker i use
from cs3 to cc2015 becouse i must test that my actions work on all Photoshop versions

CS6 i dont really like the CC version :slight_smile:

I use the latest version of cc.


I use the CC 2014

I use Photoshop CS5. To my mind it is unduying version of photoshop and its number of functions is always enough for both easy and complicated tasks. I guess this version will always be actual

I use CS5 too