magazine or newspaper comparison theme

I want to make a blog for my wife focused mainly on video tutorials. Newspaper or magazine, I get a bit lost because I have trouble seeing the difference between the 2. I have a newspaper for my site. Is the magazine theme different or does it have theme advantages for particular subjects or different objectives.



To me there would be no immediate differences, but I am assuming that you are thinking of a wordpress theme rather than a static html template?

Regardless of which you choose my advice would be to look for themes that allow or works best with video embeds.

I have myself used a few similar themes - but I cannot post recommended links because that would be inappropiate of me -

Use this search :slight_smile:

And then go from there :wink:

Thank you so much.

After the themes are similar, a good handling of the layout and that does it I think.

Thanks for your advices.

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@christian59620 you’re welcome - hope you find a suitable theme to match your needs.