LR Presets (Need Feedback)

Hello guys,

I’m new here, and I want to share my last rejected work
btwn I’m Portrait and Fashion photographer
in the last few months I’m getting msg about my presets …
so I decided to share some through graphicriver
but this the 3th time I get rejected this month
here is the preview of my presets (before & afters):

What I’m doing wrong ?

I don’t know why it was rejected, they look like good presets. There may be a lot of similar items already, not sure. One thing you could do is make it a bit clearer in the preview which is the “before” photo - but also it would probably be a better layout to not do the left - right thing, and just put the before photo at the top and then put each preset below it. That way you don’t have the same before photo repeating over and over on the left side. And the preview of each photo can be bigger that way.

Thanks for your reply I will try it and hope it works this time.