Looking to hire a theme developer

Hey All!

We are looking to contract with an EXPERIENCED theme developer who can help us bring a theme to market.

Needs to understand:
. Scalability
. Hosting requirements
. Future updates
. Security
. Pricing models
. Best practice for Wordpress


As long as you understand that

  1. no one can guarantee you item approval


  1. the potential budget requirements of what you are asking for

I’d strongly suggest looking at www.studio.envato.com as these are vetted providers and often actual authors.

Hi Ian, please shoot me a message through profile form, will be happy to share my experience and discuss any possible ways of future collaboration.

Hello @ianricher

We are an Elite Author. Check out our portfolio

Interested in this opportunity.

We have developed White Labelled Premium Themes on fixed cost as well. You can reach out to us here

Hi Charlie!

The only issue with the Studio.Envato is I can’t post a gig – I have to sort through a zillion profiles?


If you’re interested in for “fixed price” item, please, do contact me via the link below:

I do have Studio account as well if you’d like to work via there: