Looking for youtube video download plugin

I am looking for a YouTube video download plugin or a script .
for reference please check youtubnow site,i want to have the same feature


Take a look on this page hope you will find your chosen plugin


thanks for the reply,i couldn’t find it there,hence this post

Can you tell me which video or how many video you want to download from Youtuebe ?

in wordpress post i want to embed a YouTube video…below that i want to have an option to download that video…

You can getting touch with Envato Studio WordPress Expert hope they will help you to solved your issue.

actually i got a plugin…

but a slight modification is needed

In that reason you can contact with WP expert they can fix it easily.

I usually download videos on Youtube on the ddownr website. You can put the playlist into it and download it all in once.
Plug-in is no needed.
Btw, if you want to download videos on Facebook, you can try my favor: Video downloader for Facebook by FB2Mate.
Hope it helps you.