Looking for WP plugin to set offline dates for posts/pages

Hi all!

For some time now, I’ve been looking for a way to handle automatic offline dates for my posts and/or pages. I have an Agenda page on my site, but the info is very basic and all I can find are sophisticated and really extensive over-the-top calendar plugins. All I would like to be able to do is set an offline date to a post (just like setting the date when it can come online), and the post automatically goes offline when that time comes.

The problem now is that some events stay visible after their dates have passed because we forgot to check it every time.

Does anyone know a simple plugin (or other way) to make this happen without having to install a big plugin of which 99% I won’t need anyway?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Hello there,

I’m not sure if it exists but I could modify your current theme and it could work without any problem.
If you’re interested in paid support, please, drop me an email to gmail(at)moskvayigit.com to discuss the details